The Christmas Journey

Most songs grab our attention and then fade away just as quickly.  So, it's been interesting to me that one song people seem to appreciate more with time, is The Christmas Journey, about the inward journey to Christ. It was inspired by this insight: the sentimentalism of the Christmas story can wear thin, especially for people struggling this time of year, but the purpose of Advent is make a personal and spiritual journey.  What is my deepest longing?  Where do I find hope?  What is my faith struggle?  Where is love leading me?  What relationship needs peace?  I am not in the same "place" I was this time last year, so Christ's coming has new meaning given where I am.  We are perpetually on our way to God, but Christ is always coming where we are, too.  Where are you on this journey right now?  And, where is the light leading you?

The Christmas Journey
Hope, searching from afar, set out for the brightest morning star, 
and along the way Hope was transformed into Faith.
Faith, bearing gifts for kings, came upon a child without one thing,
and its heart was touched, and it changed Faith into Love.
And this is the Christmas journey I take.
This is the grand discovery I make:
Somehow the one I've come so far to see
Has come to me.
Love, falling to its knees, gladly offered all it had to bring.
And worshiping the boy, love turned to Joy.
Joy fell into a dream, warning of the world's most vicious schemes,
And as it woke from sleep, Joy turned to Peace.
And Peace, following the child, works to see the world be reconciled
And everywhere it goes, everywhere it goes, turns to Hope.


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