From the recording Be Here Now

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The Power to Bless

See that child who plays alone
You cannot tell that back at home
The hard words fly around like stones
And so she hides her heart
The lie that we must not believe
is that there’s nothing we can bring
To change her life trajectory
If we will play our part (2x)

Trust it
Love is up to something
Even when you’re feeling
Trust that
When you feel compassion
And put it into action
You will possess
The power to bless

The strength you need is not your own
The gifts you use are all on loan
For God delights in using those
That no one else would choose
So, never underestimate
The look you give, the words you say
The smallest opening we make
The love of God shines through (2x)


This kind of power doesn’t come from you
It flows to those who let it pass on through
It’s undiminished by the love it gives
Because the more it gives
the more there is

Chorus Kyle Matthews ~ creation 6/15/14