From the recording Be Here Now

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Row To the Other Side
Mt 8:18, Mk 4:35 and 6: 30-32
Lk 8:22, John 21: 1-19

They’re like sheep without a shepherd
And love them as my own
But their needs, well, they are legion
And I’m just one world weary soul
They press in around me
the four walls of a cell
It’s exhausting my compassion
and I can tell
It’s time to
Row to the other side of the lake
I’ve given all I have, I’ve had all I can take
And I know, when the wind begins to die
It’s time to go. It’s time to row
to the other side

I guess I thought it was noble
To think the kingdom depends on me
But that was hubris, and I was foolish
To try to give what I have not received
Without your Spirit
To fill up my sails
All my good intentions
are bound to fail
There’s a figure, strangely familiar
Calling to me, from the shore
I smell breakfast on the charcoals
And I hear your voice once more
Say to… CHORUS

Kyle Matthews, creation 1-20-12, Catalytic Songs, Inc. (BMI)