From the recording Be Here Now

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Love that Does What it Says

It’s hard enough to get your courage up
To ask to dance
Yet broken hearts will say the easy part
Was the romance
‘Cause in the light of day the passion fades
To loneliness
So we search for love
That does
What it says
We fail the test, and that’s why Jesus said
We must forgive
That’s not a bunch of talk, ’cause on the cross
It’s what he did
The tomb was evidence against us
But in its emptiness
We beheld the love
That does
What it says

Like countless stars, our broken hearts
stretch on forever
God’s love’s so true
It holds the universe together
But if I tell the world that God is love
They’ll only stare
They don’t care what I know until they know
How much I care
Nobody needs
Just a promise kept
Proving there’s a love
That doeS
What it says
Kyle Matthews creation 6/26/14