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  1. Be Here Now

From the recording Be Here Now

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Sometimes the sudden tear
That falls without warning
Is a memory playing an old tune
Sometimes the biting word
That comes out of nowhere
Is a watch dog guarding an old wound

And it’s not anything she said
Or anything she did today at all
Sometimes the distant stare
that makes me seem crazy
Is a worry taking the main stage
Sometimes the flash of anger
Blazing too quickly
Is a deep fear rattled in its cage
Bring me back somehow
to be here now
In the present tense
Where I am meant to live
Where the love I need
Still waits for me
To set me free
To be here now

Sometimes the reason why
I seem so defensive
Is a past conviction I still feel
Sometimes the awful dream
that keeps me from sleeping
Is the unforgiveness that won’t heal
…Where the love I feel
Has the chance to be a part of something real
O, set me free
To be here now
[Instrumental half chorus]
…Where the love I choose
Has a role to play in making all things new
With you… ‘cause you will always
be here now

Kyle Matthews, creation 4/15/14, Catalytic Songs, Inc. (BMI)