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  1. Line in the Sand

From the recording Be Here Now

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The Line in the Sand

We don’t know if she did the crime
Or was set up by their plot
We do know they were of a mind
To stone her on the spot
And they brought her
To Jesus
to draw a line in the sand

We don’t know if he spoke to her
as he knelt to meet her eyes
We do know they were cornered//there was no escape
and she was terrified
So he stood
On her side
Of the line in the sand

‘Let the one among you without sin cast the first stone
None of them felt good enough to cross that line alone
And we don’t know what
Jesus wrote there
In the dust that day
But we know that he
Wiped every line away

We don’t know how to fix ourselves
And so we turn to blame
Even though it makes a hell
Of judgment and of shame
So he comes
to our side
of the line in the sand
So his love
can free us
From the line in the sand

Kyle Matthews ~ creation 11/21/13 Catalytic Songs, Inc., BMI