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  1. Radical Welcome

From the recording Be Here Now

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Radical Welcome
Matt. 10:40-42

Come on in!
Nobody here will ask you where you been
And being different here is not a sin
We all fit in!
We come as strangers and leave as friends
Like next of kin
I confess
A little fear, a little awkwardness
The first time I showed up at this address
Who would have guessed
It’d come to be the place I love the best
Where I’m loved and known and not alone?

Only those who’ve been left out
Can understand what mercy’s about
Enough to offer
Love’s radical welcome
And love demands
That we remember our old circumstance
Offer forgiveness every time we can
A second chance
A gracious invitation to the dance
To be loved, known and not alone


There’s a stranger at the door
He’s unlike anyone we’ve seen before
Been uninvited since the day he was born
No room, they said, no room for the Lord!


Creation Kyle Matthews 7/6/10 Catalytic Songs, Inc.