From the recording The Main Event

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You Reap What You Sow

Three farmers each bought land and went out to the fields
Each planting what he thought would bring the biggest yield
Just like you and me, just like you and me

Farmer one rose with the sun and said "I'll see you later
Gotta get'r done, be number one and beat out all my neighbors
He said, "Don't you know? You reap what you sow"

So, he planted business
And the crop that came up was resentment
From the children who most needed his attention
And a wife who wanted some sign of commitment
To the things that made her love him years ago
He grew a fortune
But it didn't matter since his life was shortened
‘Cause he killed himself on things that weren't important
And all his money couldn't save his soul
You reap what you sow

Farmer two had much to do and not much time to do it
He thought about the good life and the fastest shortcut to it
He said, "Don't you know? You reap what you sow"

So, he planted pleasure
He only worked when he had perfect weather
Had some fun, but he wound up a beggar
And then those friends of his just hit the road
Where did they go?
He grew so selfish
But he never had a taste of what true wealth is
And he would tell you he believes that hell is
When the parties over and you're all alone
You reap what you sow

Farmer three, as you will see, had a better understanding
Of all of these it was only he who chose a seed worth planting
He said, "Don't you know? You reap what you sow"

So, he planted love
And the crop that came up was more love
And he shared what he had with those who had none
And somehow even in the droughts he had enough
He always had enough
‘Cause he grew friendship
And everyone who knew him felt a kinship
The world's a better place cause he was in it
And though he died the harvest never ended, oh no
It just grows and grows. It just grows and grows
You reap what you sow

By Kyle Matthews ~ Copyright © 2007 Universal Music Corp. / Cumberland Belle Music (ASCAP). All rights on behalf of Cumberland Belle Music controlled and administered by Universal Music Corp. All rights reserved.