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  1. You Belong Here

From the recording The Main Event

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You Belong Here

This is a dream I have
That there might be a place
Where before I cross the threshold
They recognize my face
They've been expecting me
The table has been set
My bed's already made
And they speak to me this way

You are welcome in this family
You are wanted in this place
You have value to your Maker
That your past cannot erase
There is room for all your searching
There is music for your song
There are shoulders you can cry on
And the strength to carry on
You belong here
Welcome home

What am I striving for
When this is in my reach?
Could I become the refuge
Some weary traveler seeks?
And as I let them in
Will my life not be changed?
To give the love I long for
And be unafraid to say

I will throw the door wide open
Run to meet you at the gate
And there will be a glad reunion
We have much to celebrate
You belong here
Welcome home

By Kyle Matthews & Chris Eaton~ Copyright © 2003 Universal Music / MGB Songs, Inc.,/See for Yourself Music (ASCAP)/West Lodge Music / Here's To Jo (PRS) admin by Bugmusic