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  1. The Main Event

From the recording The Main Event

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The Main Event

Ceasar built an empire
He ruled from shore to shore
Now he's mostly remembered
For when a baby was born
He wanted everyone counted
So, all the people went
He was the main attraction
But even he missed the main event

Later on at the temple
The time for offerings came
The coffers rang with the money
The wealthy people gave
Jesus said, "See that widow?
She gave her last two cents!
Ya'll were the main attraction
But she was the main event"

Sorta makes me wonder
What God's doing in my life
What matters most so often goes

Crowds at the crucifixion
All the disciples fled
Three days found them hiding
Underneath their beds
The women went to the graveyard
Came back and told the men
You saw the main attraction
But you all missed the main event

Jesus said seek the kingdom
Maybe what he meant
Is this world's main attractions
Are hardly ever, almost never
The main event

By Kyle Matthews ~ Copyright © 2007 Catalytic Songs (BMI) All Rights Reserved