From the recording The Main Event

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A Rhythm to Live By

Left to my own devices
I would lose my way
Quit my job and lie in bed all day
Or I might get so ambitious
I neglect the ones I love
Ignore the world around me
Forget what God has done

I need a rhythm to live by
Time for work and worship, rest and play
I need a rhythm to live by
Time to stop and let the Spirit have its say
Help me find the balance I was made for
From the start
I need a rhythm to live by
So my feet can keep the beat of my heart

There's a pattern to the seasons
Like the dance of day and night
And every living thing makes peace with time
But I struggle in my freedom
Like a drowning man for air
For a mission, a communion
For a Sabbath, and a prayer

By Kyle Matthews ~ Copyright © 2008 Catalytic Songs, (BMI) ~ All Rights reserved