Are you curious who else is familiar with Kyle's music?  Here are a few artists and groups you may be familiar with who have recorded Kyle's songs:

Kyle's Songwriting Credits

Vince Gill—[Untitled]
"Everything and Nothing"

David Phelps—Life is a Church
"Gentle Savior"
"The Names Lives On"

Wow! 2004 [emi cmg/Provident Music Group/ Word Entertainment]
Warren Barfield—(CTW)
"My Heart Goes Out"

RocketTown Live!—Assorted Artists (Rocketown) (Video and CD)
"If You Want Me To" (live version) (Ginny Owens)

Ginny Owens—Without Condition (Rocketown)
"If You Want Me To" (w/ Ginny Owens)
"Beneath the Symbol of a Lost Cause" (w/ Ginny Owens & Dwight Liles)

Something More (Rocketown)
"Why This Road?"

Beautiful (Rocketown)
"I Know Who You Are"

Cece Winans—Alabaster Box (Wellspring)
"One and the Same" (w/ Pete Carlson)

Take Six—Greatest Hits (Reprise Records)
"One and the Same" (w/ Pete Carlson)
"The Best Stuff in the World Today Cafe"

Gary Chapman—Outside (Reunion)
"Outside" (w/ Jeff Silvey)

Scott Krippayne—It Goes Like This (Spring Hill)
"He Was Here"

Bright Star, Blue Sky (Spring Hill)
"I Wanna Sing" (w/ Scotty K & ?)
"My Version of the Truth" (with Steve Siler & Scotty K)

More (Word)
"No More Pretending" (w/ Scotty K)
"You Changed the World" (w/ Scotty K & Tony Wood)

Wild Imagination (Word)
"Wild Imagination"
"The Main Thing" (w/ Scotty K)

Larnelle Harris—First Love (Brentwood Records)
"I Want to Go"

Danny Gans—Brand New Dream (Myrrh)
"Many Voices, One Song" (w/ Steve Siler)
"As Far As You Can See"
"The Journeys Here At Home" (w/ Michael Puryear)
"The Best Stuff in the World Today Cafe"

Bob Carlisle—Stories From the Heart (Diadem/Benson)
"We Fall Down"

The Best of Bob Carlisle (Diadem/ Benson)
"We Fall Down"

Russ Taff—Right Here, Right Now (Benson)
"Right Here, Right Now" (w/ Marcus Hummon & Russ Taff)

Mark Lowery—But Seriously (?)
"We Fall Down"

The Martins—Dream Big (Spring Hill)
"Come to My Senses" (w/ Joyce and Harry McCullough)

Above it All (Spring Hill)
"As Far As Faith Will Take Me" (w/ Scott Krippayne)

Donny McClurkin—Live in London (Verity)
"We Fall Down"

Babbie Mason—Heritage of Faith (Word)
"What in the World"

Point of Grace—Life, Love and Other Mysteries (Word)
"God Forbid" (w/ Tony Wood)

Glad—Color Outside the Lines (Light Records)
"The One Who Loves Me Most"

Grover Levy—Wrestling Angels (Myrrh)
"If You Want to Lead Me to Jesus" (w/ Jeff Borders & Grover Levy)
"Wrestling Angels" (w/ Jeff Borders & Grover Levy)
"Tell Us What We Want to Hear" (w/ Jeff Borders)
"Marianne" (w/ Jeff Borders & Grover Levy)

Grover Levy (Myrrh)
"When We Fail Love"

Becca Jackson—It'll Sneak Up on You (Myrrh)
"Tell Me Where Your Love Comes From"

In Honor of the Father—Assorted Artists (Spring Hill)
"Finish What You Started"

Alecia (Williamson)—Faithful Heart (Pamplin)
"Finish What You Started"

We Will Know Joy—A Worship Experience (Daywind)
"If Not By the Spirit"

Avalon—A Maze of Grace (Sparrow?)
"Speed of Light" (w/ Avalon)

Steve Hughes—For What It's Worth (Mountainview)
"Harder for Wise Men" (w/ Phillip Douglas)

Jeff McKee—Lake of Fire (Mountainview)
"Whatever Comes" (w/ Phillip Douglas)

David Cook—In the Middle of It All (?)
"It's Harder for Wise Men" (w/ Phillip Douglas)
"The Gift" (w/ Phillip Douglas)

Michael English—Heaven to Earth (Curb Records)
"Finally Free" (w/ Tony Wood)

Sandra Payne—That Voice (Vital)
"Alone with God" (w/ Joel Lyndsay)

Whisper Loud—A Different Kind of Beautiful (Benson)
"If This is What It Means"

The Oak Ridge Boys—Straight from the Heart (Spring Hill)
"Fall to Fly"

Inconvenient Christmas (Spring Hill)
"Inconvenient Christmas"

Warren Barfield—Warren Barfield (Creative Trust Workshop)
"My Heart Goes Out"

Jim Nabors—When He Spoke (Mavis Records)
"A Gift Like That"

Jamie Slocum—My Heart Knows (Curb)
"Sometimes I Picture God"
"My Heart Knows"
"I Cannot Turn Away"
"Better Than I Know Myself"

Palisades—Palisades (Fervent)
"Coming Back Again"

Chonda Pierce—Yes… & Amen (Myrrh)
"Silent & Still"

Across the Sky—Across the Sky (Word/Curb/Warner Bros.)
"Not So You Will Love Me"

Bobby Michaels—New Man (Ministry Music)
"No Less a Miracle"

The Mercy Project—Assorted Artists (Jill Phillips)
"Love is Relentless"

Trevor Morgan—Wonderlight (BHT Records)
"Love Leaves Its Mark"

Bruce Carroll—Big World
"When We Fail Love"

The Ruppes—Big World
"You Thought of Us"